Rebel design

Rebel design

Hasse ‘Hassan’ Sørensen
Graphic designer, concept developer and copywriter


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Said behind my back

“He’s the graphic world’s answer to Jamie Oliver – he talks way too much, and makes really nerdy things sound so simple.”
– Evaluering at Jensens Kurser

“He’s insane. In a good way. But definitely insane.”
– Mads Norholm, V8 Squirrel

“He can make an internet server on a toilet in Bombay, only using a Nokia 3310 and a piece of aluminum foil”
– Ben Hasnaoui, Fløng Produktionshøjskole

“He finds quick solutions, which are also good solutions. I think his distinctiveness is like this: even though he seems freaked out and funny, he executes bone-hard. He takes what the customer says seriously, and sincerely helps get things started (business-wise). He works insanely seriously even though he makes it look playfully easy in cafes and street corners. But it is also just a thing: That he can immerse himself anywhere.”
– Annbritt Hjorth, Stjernesti

“He is a good inspirer, through his teaching, books and crooked guides. He is in control of programs, technical setup and creative processes. he always has a package solution for everything, which makes you want to buy the package … Why invent the deep dish when he already has the answer ready 😄
– Julie Camilla Middleton, Center for digitalisering & Innovation

“I can really recommend Hasse if you want to start a business but do not have a lot of money for a lot of different advice and guidance. In addition to hosting and producing websites, he can also set up your business, make sure you get an accounting system, a fast bookkeeping course and set up a terminal etc. At the same time, he also makes  a logo and help you find a good company name and a punchline, as well as order business cards and flyers if necessary. He knows almost everything when it comes to start-ups and innovative thinking.”
– Susanne Kunding, Forspringet

“We can highly recommend Hasse. We have been very pleased with his help in updating the design of our website. He has been able to provide sparring about design, user-friendliness and find solutions that make it easier in the long run for us to be able to edit content and layout on the website. He has been very listening and accommodating in terms of finding solutions to current issues and values our needs as customers. He thus also adjusts his level of ambition in relation to ours. He is also very creative and always has suggestions for solving any problems in the process. He is also fast-working, flexible, adheres to agreements and deadlines – and stays within budget.”
– Inger Hindhede Kjær and Marlene Engmann, Technical University of Denmark.

“He’s damn fast – cool!”
– Mikkel Pandrup, Brødkusken

“Where is the line between crazy & ingenious? When one’s creativity bubbles over, and produces a project that is doomed to go wrong, Hassan corrects the creativity so that one thought it was ingenious without losing its edge. Use him before you regret.”
– Jean-Lorentz Lafontaine, writer

“How will you live on that?”
– My mom