Rebel design

Concept development

Over the years, I have been involved in creating hundreds of concepts that have ensured people smooth startups, sustainable companies, successful campaigns and smooth changes.

It can be entrepreneurs, mergers, reboots, digitization, guerrilla marketing, crisis management and much more.


For SEK 6,000, you can hire me one day, where we develop concepts on paper, but often also have time to design logos, websites, printed matter etc.


Ren By • Rar By

Ishøj municipality has chosen to invest heavily in getting rid of rubbish on streets and in green areas.

That is why we have created a new campaign every year to keep the attention.

We have done this with art competitions for the schools, we have turned all the city’s bins into lottery tickets with QR codes, we have had impro-rap, funny and provocative posters, flash mobs, fake companies, new types of ashtrays, superheroes and-and-and – that’s why we have created measurable results!

In Danish: (and Ice High Urban Development).

Inspiring Connections

Inspiring Connections is a series of four-night events, which are free, informal and non-committal, and are aimed at students, employees, the self-employed, pensioners, the unemployed and everyone else.

The only thing everyone has in common is the desire to get new inspiration, and expand the private and professional network.

Each event will be preceded by a few short lectures or presentations (like TED Talks), and will also include organized coffee meetings and musical entertainment.

I started Inspiring Connections together with Susanne Kunding and Pia Møller Hansen in May 2020, and in November Lars-Henrik Kieler joined the initiative group.

In 2022 we will start up in Sweden as well.

In addition to events, we have membership offers, podcasts,  workshops, special groups on Facebook, special events for educational institutions and companies and much more. – sign up for free!

People who know better shake their heads at us because our target audience is too broad, but that’s like the whole idea.


The idea was right up your alley:

Of course, there must be a website where companies can get and provide used packaging.

The world is drowning in packaging.

We spend fortunes on packaging.

This is not the solution. But it’s part of it. (and soon also

UPDATE: March 27, 2021, Niels Henriksen took over 85% of RePacking. That means a short downtime, after which it gets bigger and better!


Homemeal means that you experience new food and new people, at home or as a guest in a private home.

It can either be as a joint feast, or with a gourmet chef who presents exciting food and wines, incl. dessert and coffee.

At a joint party, you bring your own food and drinks, and registration only requires a membership of DKK 10 per month.
(Paid annually in advance: DKK 120 per year.)

A gourmet dinner costs DKK 875 per person, per time – all included, and does not require membership.

[Under development] 


A website that easily connects artists who want to exhibit and sell their things at cafes, and donate 20% to the café to mediate the sale, with cafes who want to exhibit and sell the goods for 20% commission.

Membership on the website costs € 39/year.

[Under development, but in operation]


  • A fashion show on the subway, complete with music and speaker
  • Art vernissage in a coin laundromat
  • Mobile tattoo artist (“Tattoolancen”)
  • Tattoo artist, piercer, nail artist and hairdresser in a common salon
  • Kitchen window café, with detachable sign and serving shelf
  • Beach café in a rowing boat
    Plumbing in a cargo bike

— And so on…